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Professional Development and Inquiry-Based Instruction Enhanced By Casio’s PRIZM™

DOVER, NJ, JUNE 28, 2011 — Casio’s Education Division announced today its partnership with Clemson University as Casio’s Center of Academic Training. This partnership will enable Casio to further expand its nationwide Professional Development Program for math teachers. Based on the use of Casio’s revolutionary PRIZM™ graphing calculator, as well as the ideas developed through Clemson University’s Inquiry in Motion Institute and Center of Excellence for Inquiry in Mathematics and Science, Clemson’s 4E x 2 Instructional Model will be utilized to frame lessons used in this professional development. Designed to enrich mathematics classrooms by implementing the latest advancements in educational technology, Casio’s Professional Development Program further enhances Clemson University’s 4E x 2 Instructional Model. This Model is strongly focused on inquiry-based instruction and unites three major learning constructs: inquiry instruction, formative assessment and reflective practice, to improve learning and development. Casio’s PRIZM™ will further foster investigations and a deeper level of thinking and understanding of in-depth mathematical concepts, resulting in a rigorous and authentic inquiry-based learning experience.

“This partnership with Casio will enable us to help make mathematics meaningful for students,” said Horton. “With tools such as Casio’s PRIZM™, we can engage students in explorations that delve into important ideas and encourage critical thinking about content. Too many people, including adults, have not developed the ability to think and reason mathematically. When we use technology such as graphing calculators appropriately, students will not only have the skills they need for success in tomorrow’s world, but they will have a much deeper understanding of the power, the beauty and the connections that math has to offer.”

Casio’s latest innovation, PRIZM™, is revolutionary among graphing calculators with features that enhance users’ understanding of mathematics, including a high-resolution color LCD display with various functions designed to assist with mathematic lessons. Equipped with the world’s first Picture Plot*1function, students and teachers can experiment by graphing mathematical expressions on top of real-life images, allowing for more visual, discovery-based learning.

“The days of a calculator being an ‘answer device’ are in the past,” said Amber Branch, Director of Curriculum and Training of Casio’s Education Division. “Today, we are charged with preparing students to be viable, trail-blazers in the 21st century and Casio has pioneered ground-breaking technology that allows teachers and students to attack STEM1-driven curriculum from multiple fronts. Our technology doesn’t take over the math and science classroom, but enhances it, making an immediate impact on the way students comprehend science and mathematics - a critical component of not only succeeding, but surpassing STEM-related standards and expectations.”

As the Center of Casio Academic Training, Clemson University will host a “Train-the-Trainer” session in late July 2011 for all of Casio’s lead trainers. In addition, Casio will train the entire mathematical division at Lakeside Middle School – a STEM School of Inquiry and Innovation, located in Anderson, South Carolina – on the PRIZM™ as part of a major research project, which will determine how the use of the calculators affects students’ achievements and attitudes.

“Casio has become a major player in improving mathematics education in the United States and we’re proud that Clemson is a partner in that effort,” said Horton. ’We are pleased that Casio recognized the leadership potential in the Eugene T. Moore School of Education.”

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – is the focus of President Obama’s “Educate to Innovate” Campaign, launched in November of 2009.  This Campaign is a nationwide educational effort to move American students from the middle to the top of the pack in science and math achievement, over the next decade.

*1 As of October 7, 2010, for built-in calculator functions. According to a survey by Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


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