IMPORTANT! A software update is available for your PRIZM   

Crisp color delivered by the
ultimate energy-saving
liquid crystal display

SPACIOUS 3.17” LCD SCREEN - OVER 82,000 PIXELS (384 X 216)

Power-saving LCD module reduces the energy consumption of the backlight to approximately half of the power required by conventional models. Our new engine achieves incredible visibility in a variety of environments.

Extended battery-life

140 hours performance

No chargers or docking stations required! Despite all the new, powerful functionality, PRIZM™ uses less energy because of its ground-breaking display technology. PRIZM™ only requires 4 AAA batteries and will perform for 140 hours before dry-cell batteries need to be replaced. You can also use rechargeable batteries, which will last for 85 hours. Keep all your calculators in the rotation and eliminate the need for cumbersome and expensive ancillary equipment.

“Battery life, fraction
    results & complex modes”

Clear Status Bar

The status bar displays the current setting status including battery life, fraction results and complex modes.

USB Connectivity


Just like other Casio graphing calculators, the PRIZM™ can be directly connected to a PC via USB. PRIZM™ features plug-and-play connectivity and is recognized by your computer as a flash drive. You have the ability to simply drag-and-drop items from your computer to the calculator! Store and manage your additional images, e-Activities, programs and other files on your computer and move them over only when needed. No special hardware or software required.

PRIZM™ also comes with a Screen Receiver that enables teachers to take screen shots from the class and display them on the computer, in the Manager Software or on an interactive whiteboard. This feature is helps with student engagement and overall classroom communication.

The PRIZM also has the added benefit of connecting to a Casio Projector, which can last up to 20,000 hours.

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The Casio fx-CG10/PRIZM has 16MB of flash memory, 10MB operational. For additional specification and how PRIZM relates to other Casio graphing calculators and competitive models, see the related comparison chart.

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