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Modify Feature

Casio pioneered the idea of the Dynamic Graphing feature that demonstrates how changing the value of an equation’s variables effects the resultant graph. Over the years, this feature has received high marks across the board from educators who use it as an effective teaching tool. With PRIZM’s™ new Modify feature, we’ve extended this concept for student use. Modify is operational from within the Graph, Conics and Picture Plot modes and allows students to enter a general equation and change the value of each individual variable in the graph expression.

Consider the equation y = Ax + B. Traditionally, one would ask students to memorize what A and B “do”, but using the Modify feature gives students the ability to explore what happens when they change the values of A or B in the equation.

With Modify, students are not moving a line but moving the parts, one at a time, offering a new method of discovering the underlying mathematical behavior in a way that is meaningful and has context for them. This feature gives the teacher an opportunity to step away from the traditional teaching method and enables students to truly “do and understand.”


Most teachers would agree that Conic sections are unique and require a more focused area of instruction. That’s why all Casio graphing calculators include a dedicated Conics mode. Use PRIZM’s 30 different Conic templates for true exploration without having to manipulate equations out of their true form. This mode also enforces the fundamental rules of conics (i.e. a cannot = zero), uses visual representations of the functions and gives you the opportunity to discuss the material using language specific to Conics. Modify, paired with Conics, is an invaluable learning tool for students and teachers.

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