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ClassPad Math

ClassPad Math is a free online tool that offers a clean and versatile workspace. Jump right in, tap anywhere on the workspace, and get started with computation, graphing, geometry, statistics, and more. 

Concrete Wall
ClassPad Graphing Example 1.png

Interactive Learning with Advanced Graphing Tools

Watch students explore mathematical concepts interactively. Adjust parameters, predict outcomes, and witness the immediate graphical representation of changes. This hands-on approach promotes active learning and retention, ensuring concepts are grasped more intuitively and with greater engagement.

Start with a blank slate and go anywhere.

Features of ClassPad Math are separated into 'stickies,' or individual compartments linked together. Computations can plot graphed visualizations, graphs can produce tabular data, and tables can become statistical analyses... all within an infinite workspace. 

ClassPad Math Toolbar

A soft keypad based on the ClassPad handhelds

Backed by decades of hardware product development, ClassPad Math features a soft-key interface that is both feature-filled and easy to use. Use mouse clicks or keyboard inputs to ensure your math makes it to the screen accurately and as quickly as possible.

CPnet Soft Keys.png

A new approach to hardware emulation

Try the new fx-991CW ClassWiz scientific emulator directly on ClassPad Math using the PLUS feature upgrade.

Embedded as a sticky, the ClassWiz emulator can integrate easily with graphing stickies to visualize data. 

Allow students to follow along with instruction with its built-in keystroke history sticky.

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