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ClassWiz® advanced scientific calculator

The fx-991CW ClassWiz is the latest enhancement to the scientific calculator. With an all-new quadruple graded LCD display, users will be able to easily find their cursor while writing and modifying expressions.


All of the calculator's functions can be accessed through the convenient Math Catalog. The Math Catalog also hosts 47 scientific constants and 40 measurement conversions. By partnering the ClassWiz with an internet-capable mobile device, solutions can be graphed and visualized through by scanning a QR code on the calculator's screen.

fx-991CW Front view

Released in the US in 2023, the fx-991CW is the latest generation of scientific calculators from Casio. The fx-991CW is the direct successor to the fx-991EX with additional enhancements.


The ClassWiz features circular, convex buttons that are appropriately spaced to prevent the mis-keying of information, and the button labels now feature glyphic representations of the functions they perform. The hard plastic case features an etched edge surface to prevent slipping in the hand. The ClassWiz can store and recall up to nine variables which can contain integers, computations, and functions. The variables will persist in the calculator's memory between sessions - a feature highly requested by educators worldwide.

Graphing without a grapher? Incredible!

Step 1:

Perform your calculation and get the result, like completing a table for f(x),g(x).

Display depicts an f(x) and g(x) table
Display depicting an equation

Step 2:

Generate a QR code with [SHIFT]+[x] and scan it with your external device.

Section of keypad depicting QR function
Display depicts a scannable QR code

Step 3:

Visualize the result using ClassPad Math's scratch pad, table, graph, or number line.

ClassPad Graph Example

Step 4:

Perform your analysis such as finding intersections, roots, modifying the graph, and much more.

ClassPad Graph Example 2

u/Alain4S, Reddit

"The fx-991CW represents an advancement over the fx-991EX in terms of processor speed and pedagogical organization."

Classroom Emulator

Get the ClassWiz Sticky for ClassPad Math

Teachers supporting and recommending the Casio fx-991CW in class can request free access to the ClassWiz sticky emulator (only available to educators in the US). 

This limited-time free access allows teachers to try out the emulation software, create custom activities and guides, and introduce students to the new evolution of ClassWiz.

Screenshot 2024-02-13 161503.png

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Manuals and Guides

Casio calculator manuals and quick start guides help users make better use of their devices faster. Get the fx-991CW user manual below as a comprehensive resource to learn how to use your calculator.


Hardware User Guide

Useful resource to help users learn how to use and care for the physical aspects of the calculator.


Quick Start Guide

A very helpful resource for users to learn basic proficiency over their calculator in a short amount of time.

Need more resources? Visit the Resource Library and Discussion Board for activities and tutorials.

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