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Casio’s concierge philosophy is tailored to you.

We view customers as ongoing relationships.

Gakushū (学習) is a Japanese term that means "learning" or "study." It encompasses a wide range of educational activities aimed at acquiring knowledge, skills, understanding, and attitudes. In Japan, the concept of gakushū is deeply ingrained in the culture, emphasizing lifelong learning and continuous improvement in both personal and professional contexts.

In America, our commitment to gakushū goes beyond products; we strive to be an educational partner with the vision of using Casio to elevate math curiosity and literacy for students while alleviating educator pressures.


"Out with the old,
in with the new!"

- Dr. Sara Edwards

Webb City Schools is one of many districts rediscovering Casio and selecting Casio calculators for their affordability, convenience, and ease-of-use.

The Casio EdTech division consults with you on your transitioning timeline and any additional needs such as curriculum alignment, virtual or live educator training sessions,  and supplemental material.

Value-adds by Casio

Live Virtual Training

Acquire the key skills and confidence to introduce Casio to your students. We'll use applicable demonstrations which you can apply directly to class.

Free Resources

Casio offers a suite of in-house and user-generated resources available for download by signing up at

Flexible Volume Pricing

Flexible pricing is available on volume orders of primary, scientific, and graphing calculators. To order for your school, get a quote with no commitments necessary.

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