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Touch-screen calculator with symbolic computation 

The fx-CG500 PRIZM® CAS brings touchscreen technology to the graphing calculator. This CAS calculator's extra-large screen allows for more complete and detailed mathematical exploration. Its drag-and-drop functionality enables users to quickly and intuitively pull information from one representation to another. Incorporating CASIO's standard Natural Textbook Display, convenient drop-down menus, a handy soft keyboard, and CAS (Computer Algebra System), the fx-CG500 is a powerhouse computational machine.

The fx-CG500 includes a stylus, stylus compartment, and a slide-on protective hard cover.

Approved for the SAT® and AP® tests.

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The fx-CG500 CAS is Casio's premier handheld computational device, supporting a three-digit exponent and the expansion, simplification, and computation of symbolic math. The CG500 supports an suite of math apps and modes including advanced three-dimensional graph plotting and analysis.

To help facilitate easier math input, the fx-CG500 features both a "hard" (physical) keypad and "soft keys" (a tabular keypad that appears on screen). Soft keys can be selected using the directional pad, by pressing the screen with a finger, or by using the supplied stylus.

Due to the fx-CG500's limited exam acceptance and advanced set of features, Casio recommends this calculator for graduate studies and post-graduate research purposes. For High School level mathematics, please see the fx-CG50 PRIZM.

Classroom Emulator

fx-CG500 Manager v2.01.7301 for Windows® and MacOS

Professors utilizing and recommending the Casio fx-CG500 in their advanced mathematics courses may elect to download the emulator to help facilitate class-wide learning and instruction.

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Manuals and Guides

Casio calculator manuals and quick start guides help users make better use of their devices faster. Get the fx-CG500 user manual below as a comprehensive resource to learn how to use your calculator.


Hardware User Guide

Useful resource to help users learn how to use and care for the physical aspects of the calculator.


Use Cases & Examples

Resource to help users understand the software operating environment and on-screen features of the calculator.

English - Revised 2020

Quick Start Guide

A very helpful resource for users to learn basic proficiency over their calculator in a short amount of time.

Need more resources? Visit the Resource Library and Discussion Board for activities and tutorials.

OS Updates

Current version: 2.01.7

It is important to keep your calculator up to date with the latest operating system and software for system stability, improved features, and to maintain exam calculator policy compliance. Before you upgrade, please read and follow the guides provided. By electing to upgrade your calculator, you have read and agree to the Software License Agreement.

Please note: The default Casio Add-in apps will also be updated to the latest version; however, if the original apps have been modified, they will not be updated.

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