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Solar, Scientific, and Grapher? The Power of the QR.

I was really excited a few years back with the fx-991 EX, a solar-powered, scientific calculator that had a QR code which allowed you to see visualizations of the functions you created, or graphs of the data in spreadsheets. It was a powerful way to provide graphing visualization without having a graphing calculator. And in a classroom, where students only had those scientific calculators, that capability to project the visualizations of the graphs and have collaborative discussions about the key points or data was powerful.

Today I am even more excited with the updated version, the fx-991CW ClassWiz because the graphing capability has been supersized. It partners up the scientific capabilities with the functionality of web-based graphing using the Emulator Sticky . So you are really getting a hand-held and mobile or web-based grapher together. Best of both worlds. This is all possible due to the QR code functionality of the ClassWiz.

The easiest way to demonstrate the power of this is to model it. This video demonstrates graphing a simple linear function on the hand-held, generating the QR code, and using a phone, tablet to access the graphing sticky, where you can then analyze the graphs, find key points, and have some powerful discussions around what that function represents.

I will be exploring more about how to use the fx-991CW, the QR code, and the Sticky in future posts and videos. Hopefully this gets you excited to start exploring!

Note: Watch this video to learn how to use the QR code to access the User Manual directly from the calculator for on-the-go support. You can also access the user manual with this link right now!

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