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fx-300MS Plus 2

Second edition scientific calculator

The fx-300MS Plus 2 is an extremely affordable "entry-level" dual-line scientific calculator sporting computational features suitable for high school and college students learning algebra, trigonometry, and statistics.

With the fx-300MS Plus 2, perform probability simulations, factorials, and more. Convert solutions into improper fractions, mixed numbers, and decimals.

fx-300MS Front.png

The fx 300MS Plus also comes in an updated protective hard case. This slim and sleek scientific calculator is an affordable and simple solution for every-day trigonometric and scientific calculations. The dual-line display allows users to view the expression and its solution simultaneously.

The Casio fx-300MS Plus is a solid choice scientific calculator for high school students who are seeking an affordable option. With its range of features, ease of use, and great price point, the 300MS is a strong option for anyone who needs a reliable calculator for school, work, or everyday use.

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Manuals and Guides

Casio calculator manuals and quick start guides help users make better use of their devices faster. Get the fx-300MS Plus 2 user manual below as a comprehensive resource to learn how to use your calculator.


Hardware User Guide

Useful resource to help users learn how to use and care for the physical aspects of the calculator.


Spec Sheet

A very helpful resource for users to learn the basic specifications and features of the calculator.

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