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fx-55 PLUS

Natural display fraction calculator


With Natural Textbook Display™, the fx-55 PLUS introduces learners to fractions, division-with-remainder, and random numbers. Natural Textbook Display presents mixed numbers and improper fractions exactly as they appear on paper, and helps students understand the fundamentals of fractional simplification.


The fx-55 PLUS expresses the joy of math through a colorful presentation of functions on the keypad. A dedicated F/D button helps easily convert solutions between fractions and their decimal approximations.

fx-55 Front.png

The fx-55 PLUS is a great tool to help introduce the concept of fractional computation and mathematics. With its multi-line display, students will be able to input fractions exactly as they appear in a workbook or other learning material. The fx-55 PLUS can compute improper fractions, mixed numbers, fractions with radicals, and decimals. A dedicated F/D key allows users of the calculator to toggle between fractional solutions and their decimal equivalents.


The fx-55 PLUS also includes a dedicated pi key, mixed number to improper fraction conversion, simplification, remainder, and random number and integer generation.

Manuals and Guides

Casio calculator manuals and quick start guides help users make better use of their devices faster. Get the fx-55 PLUS user manual below as a comprehensive resource to learn how to use your calculator.


Hardware User Guide

Useful resource to help users learn how to use and care for the physical aspects of the calculator.


Spec Sheet

A very helpful resource for users to learn the basic specifications and features of the calculator.

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